All participants to the event are expected to abide by the IoTFuse Code of Conduct.

Judging this year is based upon two different selectors in different categories, judged by a panel of judges:

  • Grand Prize - $600 (Grand Prize Weighted Towards Ideas with Business Potential)
  • Art Prize - $375
  • Youth Prize - $375

There will be an additional cash prize, judged by a, "crowd vote," which is based upon a popular vote from visitors to the event who come at 8PM after signing up via IoTHackDay on Meetup.

  • Crowd Vote Prize - $375

Criteria for judging for the event is based upon the following two factors by the judges:

  • Overall Quality of the Idea, E.g. Novelty and practicality of the concept within its category
  • "Impressiveness of completion," which basically is a score based upon how far you got during the day.

There will also be additional electronics prizes given out in addition to the cash and in different categories, as yet TBD.

While the total above mentioned prize pool is guaranteed, we are also selling shirts to augment the prize pool.  If you or someone you know would like to purchase shirts to go into the prize pool, please buy them at IoT Supporter Shirts.